The tradition of Kornweiss Photography began with William and Joseph Kornweiss who arrived in the USA in 1893 and were naturalized in 1903 while they were living at 151 Rivington Street in New York City.  At that time, they were operating portrait photography studios at 2 locations in lower Manhattan.  One was located at 155 Rivington St., and the other was located at 26 Canal Street.  They later relocated to Pitkin Avenue in Brooklyn. The following photographs were made in the early 1900’s, in those studios.

Joseph’s son, Alexander Kornweiss, later became a professional photographer and worked for the American Photographic Corporation.  He is seen below (left) at the age of 4 in this photo made in Joseph’s photography studio.


Seen below is a newspaper clipping which is thought to be from the 1920s, which is advertising the photography studio at 155 Rivington Street in the Adolph Mandel Building.
Scan of Newspaper Ad for Kornweiss Photo Studio 155 Rivington